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Rodrigo Damore and Kathy Urena

This month we have a couple as our Athletes of the Month. Congratulations to Rodrigo and Kathy! Both Rodrigo and Kathy have worked very hard to achieve their goals. They have lost a lot of weight and work hard every day to get better. They are so encouraging for all of the other members and very coachable athletes. Rodrigo has put in a lot of extra time on his olympic lifting to get back to competition. He competed in his first event last month since joining Crossfit Blade. Here are a few fun facts about our BAM couple.

How were you introduced to crossfit?

Rod: My high school lifting coach is the owner of East Valley Crossfit and he told me about how crossfit can get me back into lifting big weights while losing weight.

Kathy: I thought I had to prepare to be part of Crossfit before trying it. I knew about it when I was looking for HIIT workouts but Rodrigo pushed me to try it out, THANK GOD.

What is your favorite WOD?

Rod: Fire & Ice. This was the first time Kathy and I did a partner WOD together.

Kathy: First & Ice too, if it wasn’t for Rod.

Fire & Ice

Partner WOD
60 Power Cleans 135/95
60 Toes to Bar
60 Power Cleans 135/95
-Every 3 minutes both partners sprint 100m

What is your least favorite exercise or movement?

ROD: burpee

Kathy: Run & burpee

How has Crossfit brought you closer together?

Rod: I think Crossfit has brought us closer as a couple. I started Crossfit to get my strong high school body back for her to show off. Ha-Ha. But really everyday Crossfit brings something new to our lives and we get to share the experience together. When we started dating we both were in OK shape but we put on some love weight (50lbs). That needed to change if we wanted to have active lives together for years to come. Crossfit Blade has provided the chance to change our lives in active way as a couple.

Kathy: Well, Rod said it all. I would add Crossfit has made me feel more connected to Rod because we compete, make fun of each other and support each other through this life changing experience. I’m falling in love with myself and Rod all over again.

What is something most of us do not know about you?

Kathy & Rod: We watch Japanese Anime series of all kinds together. We are geeks.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Rod: Seeing Kathy PR on her lifts. Deadlift, clean, front squat.

Kathy: *Blushing*. The 1st day of Crossfit because I was jealous Rod was loving it. I wanted that feeling he had so I’m so happy I made through the 1st WOD. I was ready for more.

What are you goals for the next year?

Rod: Make the US open in oly lifts with the coaches help.

Kathy: I want to do strict pull-ups so badly. Well, anything on the pull-up bar.