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Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a small town called Rio Rico just north of the Nogales/Mexico border. Population of about 10,000 people. My parents moved us from California when I was just a few months old to be closer to their produce/trucking business. We then moved up to Phoenix when I was 12 for a few reasons, one being that it was starting to get pretty dangerous to live and go to school so close to the border. The other and obviously main reason was to inevitably grace you all with my presence here at CrossFit Blade.

What are your hobbies?
I love spending time with my family and friends. Going on vacation as much as my schedule will allow is important. It’s nice to go somewhere, make memories and relax. We’ve been fortunate over the years with our Blade Family, we’ve made so many friends that we never would’ve known otherwise. Friends that we’ll have forever, so it’s always a lot of fun to hang out or take a trip with them whenever possible.

What is your occupation?
I got into automotive painting 18 years ago. I worked for my father in law for about 14 years and purchased the business from him 4 years ago. I specialize in small spot repairs and blending. I work at a few different car dealerships around the valley. I get contracted out by fleet companies to do repairs, and work for the general public on occasion. It’s a pretty interesting field to be in, I get to meet a lot of different people, I’m outside every day (which sucks in the summer) but it’s great for the other 7 or 8 months and I get to travel all over, I can be in Prescott one day and San Tan Valley the next.

How were you introduced to CrossFit?
My wife was nice enough to sign us up for a free class at a gym that will remain anonymous. It was quite clear that from the time we got there the coach wasn’t interested in coaching and pretty much left it up to the members to help us in figuring out what some of the movements were and how to do them, oh and after the clock had already started of course. Not having ever been to a box we had no expectations but needless to say we weren’t going back. A few weeks later a friend of ours checked in at Blade and my wife ended up asking her about it. The rest is history, we fell in love with the coaches and the community immediately. It’s hard to believe 5 years has gone by and It’s pretty cool to think back to when the gym first opened. Very small space, about a quarter of what main is now, counting our reps and rounds with a handful of rocks and writing our workouts down in our notebooks, to expanding main, a second location and now a new gym built specifically with the members in mind.

What is your favorite WOD/movement?
I can’t say that I have a specific favorite Wod, I guess I like the ones I’m good at (which aren’t very many) and there really aren’t any movements that I dislike besides heavy thrusters, those suck every time. I do like overhead squats, snatching and body weight movements. The best part of the day is getting all the boys together and move from barbell to barbell during complexes. But my absolute favorite is Friday partner wods, I’m not afraid to admit I have a Blade life partner (Corey if it wasn’t obvious) and throwing down every Friday with the competition is by far the best. Doesn’t matter what the workout is, it’s gonna be a battle. Oh yeah, running, I hate it.

What is your least favorite WOD/movement?
I dislike most of the workouts I do about half way into them. I get mad at Chris for his programming choices, I mean, 4 X 10 back squat at 95% right into heavy thrusters and box jumps? I’m mad at Luke for cycling the barbell while I’m doing singles, and I start really questioning my life choices in between chalk breaks and making sure my weight is clamped properly for the 12th time. I’m sure these are all rational thoughts that pass through everyone’s mind, right? But by the end of class I’m bummed it’s over with and although I know it’s gonna be tough tomorrow, I’ll be looking to see what the wod is at 6:01 and I know I’ll be back tomorrow.

What CrossFit accomplishments are you most proud of?
I feel like everyday is an accomplishment. Waking up and coming in almost everyday for 5 years hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been worth it. There are some gymnastics and barbell movements that I’m proud of but let’s be honest, I’m not setting any records and there’s no bragging going on over here. I feel accomplished when the work out is over, I regain consciousness, there’s no accidents to clean up, and Chris doesn’t have that total look of disappointment on his face. I know I’m not the only one to see that look either!

What is your favorite song?
I have to say that Coach Anthony has the best playlist. But it doesn’t really matter. As long as it’s loud and has a good beat that’s all I can ask for. Except Brittany Spears, I can’t think of a scenario where I’ve been like, “oh man! I’m about to PR for sure now that oops I did it again came on”

What would you like to accomplish next through CrossFit?
I really need to work on my diet and my cardio. Can I get an amen? But I’ve also been saying that pretty consistently for 5 years now. I would love to accomplish a running wod where I didn’t feel like I’ve been shot with a blow dart in the back of my neck 3 minutes in. So I’ve got some work to do on achieving this goal. Hopefully it wont take 5 years to get there.

Fill in the blank: I love…. I eat…. I will… I am…
I love…My family (Blade too)
I eat…clean, 90% of the time, every other Sunday.
I will…continue to have fun every time I walk through the door.
I am…incredibly grateful to be a part of the Blade community. So many awesome people I’ve me let along the way, great coaches who care about the members and a new facility will keep me coming back for more.