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Congratulations to Stacy Gregory, Crossfit Blade’s February athlete of the month. Stacy exemplifies exactly what it means to be a crossfitter. She shows up to class everyday with the attitude “I’m going to get better today.” She works hard and has a great attitude that is contagious. Her strength numbers continue to increase and her skills are making huge strides. Besides all of the great things we just mentioned, Stacy is hands down Blade’s best cheerleader. She shows up to every event, competition, or Blade get together to support her fellow members and friends. If you are lucky enough to be in class with her, struggling through a WOD, Stacy will be right there to cheer you on to the finish. We are so lucky to have this young lady as part of the Blade family and can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

Here are a few fun facts about our athlete of the month, Stacy Gregory:

Why do you crossfit?

SG: I started crossfit because my daughter, Tory, asked me to try it with her. I figured it would go a couple of times, let her get comfortable, hopefully not embarrass myself, and then stop. But as it turned out, it was for me, I really wasn’t too old. My kids have always been amazing athletes and I have supported them each step, now they support me. There’s nothing better than working out with both my kids and my amazing nephew Cory.

What is your favorite benchmark WOD? (Girl or Blade)
SG: My favorite benchmark WOD is actually the hero WOD Murph, Tory and I came without looking to see what the WOD was and when she looked it up we both looked at each other and thought “Oh crap” we will never make it through- Casey was our coach that day and he said chip at it one at a time! We both pushed through (it was ugly) and were so psyched that day. We were hooked!

What is your least favorite exercise?
SG: Least favorite exercise- the list is long but I’d have to say burpees and the illusive pull up.

What are your hobbies?
SG: My hobbies are my family, crossfit, movies, and crafts.

What is something that many people may not know about you?
SG: Something that many people don’t know about me is that I lost my mother when I was 18, she died at the age of 44. She was the most amazing Mother. I never realized what a relief it would be to turn 45, while others dreaded getting older and look I’ve made it to 51. I try not to waste time, cherish the people around me, and hope I leave a mark when it’s my time to go. I’ve been truly blessed with family and friends!

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
SG: My accomplishment I’m proud of so far is completing double unders in the open- woohoo! I’m still trying for my pull up……one day!

What are your goals for 2014?
SG: My goal is to keep pushing, doing better than the time before! I’ve never “not” finished and I’ve never walked during a run- I’d like to keep that up!