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Where did you grow up?
Born and raised in a town (Grand Blanc) outside of Flint Michigan, which is about an hour north of Detroit. I keep moving to much warmer places as from Michigan I went to Atlanta, then Tampa and now the sun, Phoenix.

What are your hobbies (besides CrossFit)?
It seems that my current hobbies are watching our kiddos perform in whatever sport / activity they are playing / performing. My passion has always been sports / competition as I have always been heavily involved in athletics and CrossFit has filled that void as I have retired from non CrossFit sporting events. Patty and I are also huge college football fans (she loves Florida and I am a Michigan fan) and this Labor Day we will be a house divided as our teams play each other…Go Blue!

What is your occupation?
I am a Finance (FP&A) Manager at a large electronic distribution company called Avnet.

How were you first introduced to CrossFit?
I was a Mountainside regular and passed by every morning on my way to the gym and one day I gave it a try and have been hooked ever since. I even convinced my wife (Patty) to give it a try and she is hooked as well.

What is your favorite WOD/movement?
This may sound odd but my favorite movements are the ones I suck at, which are a lot. I take it personal and spend time working on movements so that I can complete the prescribed workouts as much as possible. Although, if I had to pick one WOD/movement, I would have to say my favorite is Power Cleans.

What is your least favorite WOD/movement?
Box over Burpees – who in their right mind thought that adding box jumps and burpees together was a great idea? Oh wait, rope climbs, I hate those too.

What CrossFit accomplishment are you most proud of?
I think getting up and attending the 5am class every morning is a proud accomplishment, but I think my biggest accomplishment is winning the scaled division of the Blade Games about 4 months into my CrossFit journey. Hopefully Claire, Chris and Terra let me enter that division again this year.

What is your favorite song to WOD to?
I am not good with names of songs but I love anything loud and with a good beat. My favorite genre to work out to is definitely hip hop or electronic, as they get my blood pumping.

What would you like to accomplish next through CrossFit?
My personal goals this year are to accomplish double-unders and butterfly pull ups.

Fill in the blank: I love…I eat…I will…I am…
I love…. my life, which includes my beautiful family, friends & faith.
I eat…. whatever Patty makes me, which is usually something way to healthy and trackable.
I will… not be in my 30’s anymore after June 18th.
I am… very blessed and grateful for everything / everyone in my life.