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Where did you grow up?
I moved here from Northern CA  when I was 10, so I am pretty much a Native.

What are your hobbies (besides CrossFit)?
I love to read, always looking for the next good book. I also am a pretty darn good shopper 🙂 Nordstrom is my favorite

What is your occupation?
I have a few part time jobs. I am a personal assistant. Everyone always think this sounds really cool, but it’s really just paying bills, picking up mail and running errands. I also work for Sierra Bonita Catering Co. in sales, which allows me to work from home. And every once in awhile I serve at Coup des Tartes Restaurant in Phoenix.

How were you first introduced to CrossFit?
McKelle France introduced me to CrossFit. After she posted on Facebook about how much she loved it, I was intrigued and wanted to check it out!

What is your favorite WOD/movement?
I love running in a WOD, or burpees.

What is your least favorite WOD/movement?
This is a dangerous question for me, because I can think of many that I struggle with. If I had to pick one it would have to be wall balls.

What CrossFit accomplishment are you most proud of?
I completed Fight Gone Bad RX! That was so hard! Also, I did a decent HSPU with 2 ab mats the other day with the help of Gayna and Denise 🙂

What is your favorite song to WOD to?
I like so many songs…but I particularly enjoyed when we did the 2000m row and Bruno Mars 24K Magic came on. Ro(chelle) and I were singing and rowing. That put a smile on my face :).

What would you like to accomplish next through CrossFit?
I have to get a strict pull up! It’s going to happen!

Fill in the blank: I love…. I eat…. I will… I am…
I love…my boys, my husband, family and friends!
I eat…most things except I have a hard time with sushi. I know. Go figure. Everybody loves it. I think it’s the seaweed that throws me off.
I will…get a strict pull up.
I am…happy to be a part of this amazing Blade community!