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Where did you grow up?
Marilyn: Swartz Creek, a suburb of Flint, Michigan
Jim:  Flint, Michigan (we always said the Flint River was too thick to drink and too thin to walk on)

What are your hobbies (besides CrossFit)?
Marilyn: Snow skiing, hiking, reading
Jim:  Enjoy Golf, Stock Market, listening to Music, a great Scotch with an excellent Cigar and brewing beer (“Jim is a fantastic dancer too” – Claire)

What is your occupation?
Marilyn: Cake decorator
Jim: Spent my career in Computers now retired from Microsoft.  PC’s were not even out when I graduated with a Computer Science Degree

How were you first introduced to CrossFit?
Marilyn and Jim: Our daughter Carrie and son-in-law Peter got us involved with Blade(after much nagging from Carrie)

What is your favorite WOD/movement?
Marilyn: Dead lifts
Jim: Push Presses

What is your least favorite WOD/movement?
Marilyn: Burpees over box jumps, oh yeah & running. I hate running
Jim: Anything that causes me to get down to the floor and back up in a hurry

What CrossFit accomplishment are you most proud of?
Marilyn: Being able to do a box jump ( I was sooo afraid of hitting my shins)
Jim: being able to squat past parallel and getting back up. Also, losing 25 lbs. during the challenge (and keeping it off)

What is your favorite song to WOD to?
Marilyn: Anything rock & roll with a fast beat!
Jim:  “ I’m too sexy for my shirt”  (I like the diversity of all the coaches music choices)

What would you like to accomplish next through CrossFit?
Marilyn: Become stronger, leaner and increase the weight I lift.
Jim: 1) Push Press 150 lbs. from the rack; 2) lift 100 lbs. from the floor

(Marilyn) Fill in the blank:I love…I eat…I will…I am…
I love…My funny, crazy, wonderful family on both sides.
I eat…Well, most of the time, but still able to enjoy my wine!
I will…continue to Cross Fit, so I don’t have to use a walker in my golden years
I am…Lucky to have so many wonderful, caring friends and family, including the Blade community!

(Jim) Fill in the blank:I love…I eat…I will…I am…
I love…God, he has blessed me with my wife, my family, growing array of Friends and a wonderful Country to Party in!!!
I eat…A lot healthier since the Challenge,  while still enjoying my Ruffles Potato Chips and Bacon
I will…continue to CrossFit to increase my partying endurance
I am…Thankful for Crossfit Blade Coaches training/pushing an old overweight slug into a stronger and leaner old slug