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Where did you grow up?
Phoenix, AZ third generation hometowner. Rare breed.

What are your hobbies (besides CrossFit)?
I’ve always been active in some context, dirt biking for years, snowboarding and lots of different types of races, from obstacle courses, trail running to endurance events.

What is your occupation?
Respiratory Therapist and Clinical Sleep Educator.  I work in sleep medicine helping people better their sleep.

How were you first introduced to CrossFit?
Rich Froning and ESPN when that was done years ago.  Then Michael Venidis pestered me for about 2 years before the golden ticket got me in the door.

What is your favorite WOD/movement?
I really enjoy being upside down.  Handstand push-ups, Handstand walking.  Challenging and fun

What is your least favorite WOD/movement?
It is a workout not a movement, But DT eats me alive every time.  

What CrossFit accomplishment are you most proud of?
I’ve loved all the competitions I’ve been able to be a part of but the event win I had at last years Legends Masters Comp still makes me proud.

What is your favorite song to WOD to?
Anything loud, Metal, Punk, Rap.  Missing Baca’s 90’s Hip Hip Wednesdays

What would you like to accomplish next through CrossFit?
Being able to qualify again for the Legends Masters Comp now that it is here in Phoenix this year.

I love…. I eat…. I will… I am….
I love….enjoying life.
I eat….what fuels my body and soul.
I will…continue to be the best version of myself.
I am…Happy to have found Blade!