Fitness Coaching


Blade Method Fitness welcomes beginners and seasoned individuals to start and continue your journeys to becoming your best selfs! All of our programming is scaled to your fitness levels meaning there is nothing you can’t do. Also, our in house KidsCare means you parents can find a schedule that works for you without worrying if your kids are being watched in a safe and friendly environment.

Our proven method of customizing workouts AND nutrition while keeping you accountable with quarterly Goal Setting Sessions means you will succeed at meeting your health and fitness goals.

  • InBody Composition Scanner On-Site
  • Kids Programs
  • Personal Training
  • Workout Tracking System To Track Your Progress

Real people with life-changing results

From the moment I walked into the gym, I was impressed and could tell it was a premier facility. The equipment onsite is well maintained and in excellent condition. The coaching staff is amazing!! Their hands-on approach with attention to form and safety helped me learn quickly and adjust into their daily classes. I’ve been able to confidently workout in various competitions held at their gym. The gym members are a welcoming group and very encouraging to new members. I’ve met a lot of great people and made many friends here. My 10 year old son recently joined to participate in the weightlifting Barbell Club. He’s so excited and doing really well thanks to the different coaches patience and ability to work with kids. If you are considering taking your workout routine to the next level, this is it!!

– Matthew Jenks

"More than just a gym, it is a community of some of the most generous people that I have ever met. In addition to this, the coaches have more than just a level 1 certification. CrossFit takes a lot of heat in regards to lifting improperly and being very prone to injuries. These coaches have degrees and years of experience in olympic lifting and nutrition. They condition and program everything for you (even the warmups/stretching/etc). They make sure you lift right and when you don't, they rip the weight off your bar until you do it correct. I also love that the coaches develop programs for people of all shapes and sizes. You don't have to be in top shape to perform what is required. You WILL see results too. I've not only gained muscle, but lost 30+ pounds since I been going."

– Michael Venidis


No high pressure sales pitch, just a 30 minute conversation with one of our staff members to learn what your goals are and see if we are a good fit for you!