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CrossFit Blade – CrossFit

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Finan & Oswi (4 Rounds for reps)

3 Rounds:

2 min ME Pull Up Variation

2 min ME Calorie Row

2 min ME Push Up Variation

2 min ME Partner Burpee SAD MB Burpee 14#

**PullUp Variation = Ring Row(.5rep), Pull Up(1rep) CTBPU/SADRPU(2rep), BMU(4rep) RMU(6rep)

**PushUp Variation = Box Push Up(.5 rep), Push Up(1rep), HSPU/SADRingDip(2rep) Strict HSPU(4rep)

***Choose whichever movement you want to gain as many reps as possible. Can go down in scale but not up in scale. IE; BMU to CTB, partners do not have to do the same movement. As long as one of the movements is performed and partner burpees are performed, all teams will RX.

–Score Total PU Variation, Cals, Push Up Variation, Burpees – Individually

Cool Down

1. Walk around building with friends

2. 3 POS Shoulder Floss: 3 min per side

3. Pec Smash w/ball: 5 min per side

4. Tricep Smash w/ball: 5 min per side