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By February 4, 2021No Comments1 min read

Blade Method Fitness – CrossFit

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3 Rounds:

15-20 DU/SU

10 Grasshopper

8 Sit Ups

200m Run

Far From Home (Time)

6 Rounds:

40 Double Unders

40 Grasshoppers

40 Sit Ups

400m Run

Scale: 40 DU to 100 SU, GH &SU range of motion, 400m Run to 500/450m Row

Cool Down

1. Walk around outside cheering your classmates on!

2. Calf smash w/ KB: 5 min ea side

3. Hip Smash w/ KB: 5 min ea side

4. Pigeon Stretch: 3 min ea side