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400m Jog OR 500m Row OR 1 Mile Bike

10 arm circles-forward/backward

10 body swings

10 leg swings ea side

:15 forward fold

3 POS Hip Stretch ea side

:20 Dynamic Child’s pose

:30 ea side thread the needle


5 air squats

5 DB Push Press ea side

3 Thrusters ea side

C-19 Strength 5 Sets: Squat :15:15:30:30 (5 Rounds for reps)

Bodyweight Squat:

5 Sets: E:90

:15 Lowering

:15 Hold in bottom

:30 Air Jump Squats

:30 Rest

*Score Jump Squat Reps


For Time:

100 Thrusters SADPTD: C&J

-5 Burpees EMOM Including 0:00 SADPTD: 5 Slam Ball Burpee

RX+ 1 X DB 50/35 1 X KB 53/35

RX 1 X DB 35/25-20 1 X KB 35/26

BB 75/55

No Equipement: Gym Bag, Back pack, Diaper Bag, Shovel, etc… Thrusters

*Athletes will begin the workout DB Kalsu by performing 5 burpees, they will then perform as many thrusters as possible in the remaining time in that minute, at the top of each minute, perform 5 burpees until all 100 thrusters are complete.

Cool Down

1. Walk around the block

2. Wall Quad stretch: 2 min per side

3. Pigeon Stretch: 2 min per side

4. 3 POS Shoulder Floss w/ band or any other strap or Cloth: 3 min per side