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Pace out 200m-200m Jog Back

10 arm circles forward/backward

10 arm swings up down-10 cross body

10 Body Twists

10 leg swings ea side

:15 Forwar Fold

10 Dynamic Spiderman pumps ea side

:15 T-Stretch ea side + 3 Dynamic T-Stretch ea side

5 Tricep Push Up

:15 Seal Stretch

20 Calf Pumps

10 ankle spins ea side

10 jumping jacks


2 Rounds:

100m Sprint

6 Burpees

Cyclone (Also Corona-12) (AMRAP – Reps)

5-4 minute rounds of:

400m run

Amrap Burpees SADTPD: Slam Ball Burpee

-1 min rest

At 3-2-1 Go, run 400m, in the remaining time perform AMRAP Burpees until the 4 minutes is up. Rest 1 minute, repeat for 5 total rounds.

Scale run for row.
*This is a repeat workout. Consutl your “Performance History” in Wodify App for past results.

Cool Down

1. :60 Forward Fold + Splits

2. :60 T-Stretch Ea Side

3. Wall Quad Stretch: 2 min ea side

4. Calf Smash w KB/Ball/Roller: 3 min ea side