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Blade Method Fitness – CrossFit

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AC: 200h-100r-100w (8 Rounds for time)

8 Sets: E3MOM

200m Run-Fast

100m Run-Recover

100m Walk

*200m at fast pace for repeatable rounds. Intent is to have ~:30-:45 standing rest after recovery walk.

Metcon (4 Rounds for weight)

EMOM 20:

1. 10 Single Arm DB Strict Press- Moderate

2. 10 Single Leg DB Step Up- Moderate

3. 10 Single Arm DB Bent Over Row- Heavy

4. 10 Single Leg DB Romanian Deadlift- Heavy

-2 Dbs held at the side for DB step ups,

-1 hand on box, feet parallel, back flat on SA row

-Only go heavy on RDL’s if you can maintain perfect balance throughout, otherwise scale the load down.