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CrossFit Blade – CrossFit

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200mRun OR :60 Row OR Bike

10 arm circles fwd/bkwd

10 arm swing up downs

10 arm swing cross body

10 body twist

10 leg swings ea side

10 good mornings

:15 forward fold

3 POS Hip stretch

:45 Child’s Pose :15 Right :15 Left :15 Center

10 Double Calf Pumps

10 jumping jacks

Corona 21 (10 Rounds for reps)

5 Rounds:


250m Row OR 200m Run OR .4/.3 Mile Bike

AMRAP DB Hang Snatch- Alternating

-1 min rest


250m Row OR 200m Run OR .4/.3 Mile Bike

AMRAP DB Hang Squat Clean- Alternating

RX+ 50/35 RX 35/25/20 SADPTD: RX+30/RX 20

Athletes will perform their mono-structural movement, once complete they will advance to their DB movement, for the 1st movement they will perform Alternating DB Power Snatches, for the 2nd movement of the round they will perform Alternating DB Hang Squat Cleans. Score is total reps of snatches and cleans each round for 10 total scores.

Cool Down

1. Walk around block with imaginary friends

2. 3 POS Shoulder Stretch with a band, neck tie, bungee cord, whatever ya got

3. Wall Splits: 3 min hold

4. Pigeon Stretch: 3 min hold ea position