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Blade Method Fitness – CrossFit

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AC: 4 X 3-5X3-6X2 (15 Rounds for time)

4 Sets: On the 3:00

400m Run: Moderate

5 Sets: On the 2:30

300m Run: Hard

6 Sets: On the 2:00

200m Run Harder

Metcon (Weight)

Metabolic Bodybuilding:

5 Sets: E4MOM

10 DB FR Back Lunges -Alternating

10 DB Strict Press

10 DB Romanian Deadlift

10 DB Bent Over Row

UB Set DB Push Ups

*This is for a smooth and consistent flow from one movement to the next.. Use same 2 DB’s for the entire complex. The goal is to be able to complete the entire complex in under 3 minutes and have :60-:90 of rest, but it is NOT FOR TIME. Record DB weight used and number of UB set of push ups on DBs each round in notes. DB Push Ups are for perfect form and technique. Maintain a hollow body, neutral spine with chest touching the DBs at the bottom of each rep.