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Blade Method Fitness – CrossFit

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2 min bike

:30 Moderate

:30 Easy

:30 Hard

:30 Bike Recover

5 Burpees

:60 Bike Moderate

:20 Bike Hard

:40 Bike Recover

5 Burpee Over Paralette

Massacre at Blade (15 Rounds for reps)

15 Rounds:


1 Min ME Burpee Over Paralette

1 Min Rest

*2 Foot Jump back, up and over


1 Min ME Burpee Over Paralette

*Can Step Back, up and over

Scale: Sugar Intake

Cool Down

1. Walk around the building with friends

2. Absord the sun and bask in your accomplished glory

3. Be Proud of yourself for showing up

4. Pec Smash: 5 min ea side