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CrossFit Blade – CrossFit

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2 Rounds:

:60 Row- moderate

:60 Bike- moderate

200m Run

William Wallace (Time)

2K Row

3 Mile Bike

1 Mile Run

Scale: 1 Mile Run to 800m. 100 Burpees OR 1500m Ski for any of the 3 movements.

Cool Down

1. Hamstring Floss: 2 min per side

2. Ankle Floss: 2 min per side

3. Hip Floss: 2 min per side

4. Saddle Stretch: 2 min hold (single or double leg)

Metcon (Time)

Virtual Fit:

5K Row OR 5K Run

5k Row (Time)

Max Effort 5k Row
Virtual Fit

5k Run (Time)

Max Effort 5k Run
Virtual Fit