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AC: 300/250 Calorie Row E2MOM 10/8 Cal Bike (Time)

Row 300/250 Calories for time:

E2MOM Complete 10/8 Calories on Assault Bike

*Workout Starts with Row.

**Bike is checkpoint.. do not have to reset.

***30:00 time cap.. Calories left over at end = burpees over Erg.
Taking a break from our Aerobic Capacity running this week to let our calves and hips recover for Murph on Monday. This will be a super fun piece to do with a group so grab at least 1 person and get after it.

Back Squat (Work up to a heavy single)

NOT MAX! Intention is no misses, find your heavy single for the day to work your % off of.

Back Squat (3 X 6 @ 70% of Heavy Single)