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Crossfit Kids Summer Camps
Advanced Athlete Performance Series
Blade Summer Shirt Order – Closes June 19th

Blade Method Fitness – CrossFit

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200m run

10m BW lunge

:30 HS Hold On Wall

10 Lat scap swings

200m Run

8 Warm Up Walking lunge

10m HS Walk OR Bear Crawl

1 Rope Climb OR 2 Rope Progressions

Happy 27th Gage! (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



2 200m Shuttle Sprints

4 10m SA OVH Walking Lunge 50/35

2 10m HS Walk

4 Rope Climbs


2 200m Shuttle Sprints

4 10m SA OVH Walking Lunge 35/25/20 60+30/15

4 10m Bear Crawl

2 Rope Climbs 60+ 4 Rope Progressions

Scale: SS to 15/10 Calorie Bike, Goblet OR BW lunge, Rope Climbs to 2 for 1 rope progressions.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Happy 27th Gage!: Virtual Fit

200m Shuttle Sprint

10m SA OVH Walking Lunge RX+ 50/35-RX 35/25/20

10m HSW OR 20m Bear Crawl

4 Strict Pull Ups OR 8 Bent Over Rows 50/35-35/25/20

-1 min rest

Cool Down

1. Walk around building with friends

2. 3 POS Shoulder Floss: 3 min ea side

3. Pigeon Stretch: 2 min ea side

4. Psoas Smash w/ Pso-Rite OR KB: 5 min ea side