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CrossFit Blade, CrossFit Blade North, Safeway/ Albertsons – CrossFit


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Weighted Pull-ups (4 Sets X 5 Reps: E2MOM)

Choose weight that you can complete 5 reps across all sets

Seated Strict Ring Pull Up (4 X 6-8 Reps: E2MOM)

Sit on floor with rings high enough for arms to fully extend. With a neutral grip, pull yourself up until chin is even with rings.

Strict Pullups (4 Sets X 3-5 Reps: E2MOM)

Choose reps that you can sustain across all 4 sets: Less than 3 reps do 5 Seated Ring Pull Ups after.


200m Run

10 BB Back Squats

5 Burpees

3-5 Pull Up Variation

2 Rounds:

100m Run

6 WU Back Squats

3 Burpee Pull Up Variation

Zembiec (Time)

5 Rounds for time of:

11 Back Squats, 185#

7 Strict Burpee Pull-ups

400m Run
In honor of U.S. Marine Corps Major Douglas A. Zembiec, 34, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was killed during a firefight on May 11, 2007


Female RX = 125

*BS comes from the floor.

**PU Bar at least 6″ above fingertips for RX.

Scale: BS load ~55-60%, Burpee SPU to 7 Burpees +7 Ring Row, Run to 450/400m Row.


11 Matador Dips

7 MB Burpee 14#

7 Ring Pull Up

200m Wheelie

Cool Down

1. 5 Min Bike

2. Wall Quad Stretch: 3 min per side

3. Pigeon Stretch: 3 min per side

4. Hamstring Floss: 3 min per side