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CrossFit Blade, CrossFit Blade North, Safeway/ Albertsons – CrossFit

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Five Alive (3 Rounds for weight)

15 Total Minutes: One lift transition into next

1. 5 Minutes to Establish 1RM Power Snatch

2. 5 Minutes to Establish 1RM Power Clean

3. 5 Minutes to Establish 1RM Deadlift

*Athletes will begin with an unloaded Barbell and begin working toward their 1RM power snatch, once the 5 miinutes is up, athletes can either attempt the load that is on the barbell for their 1st power clean attempt or de-load the barbell for their 1st attempt. After the 2nd Five minutes is up, athletes can attempt or add to the already loaded barbell for their Deadlift attempts.

John Cusak (AMRAP – Reps)

Amrap 10

10 Power Snatch 115/75#

20 Power Clean 155/105#

30 Deadlift 225/155#

-once deadlifts are complete strip bar and begin again at PS.

Scale: Scale all loads to 60%

RX +




Power Snatch (Heavy Single)

Power Clean (Heavy Single)

Deadlift (Heavy Single)