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CrossFit Blade, CrossFit Blade North – CrossFit

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250m Row Each

9 BB Hang Power Clean

8 Buprees

250m Row each

6 warm up load HPC

5 Bar Over Burpee

6 Working Load HPC

5 Bar Over Burpee

9/11 “Never Forget” 18 Years (Time)

2001m Partner Row


18 Alternating Rounds:

9 Hang Power Clean

11 Bar Over Burpee

RX+ 135/95 RX 115/75 M55+ 95/65 Step Burpee, M60+ 75/45 Step Burpee

Scale: HPC load, Burpee to Reg Burpee

Cool Down

1. Hug each other then walk around building with friends

2. 3 POS shoulder/pec floss: 3 min per side

3. Hamstring Floss: 3 min per side

4. Forearm smash w/ ball: 5 min per side