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Blade Method Fitness – CrossFit

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3 Rounds:

:60 Row-increasing intensity ea round

Rd1 & 2 5 Reg Burpees Rd 3: 5 partner burpees ea

Pick Your Poison (AMRAP – Reps)

6 Rounds: E5MOM (Partner WOD)


1,000/750/875m Row

AMRAP Partner Burpees


800/600/700m Row

AMRAP Partner Burpees (step over)

*Partners will partition row meters however they choose, once designated meters are completed partners will complete AMRAP partner burpees for the remaining time in the 5 minute interval. SOLO= 1/2 distance, rest 1:1 then Erg Burpees.

**Score = burpees completed over the 6 rounds.

***If partners cannot complete designated meters in 4 minutes or less, scale meters.

Cool Down

1. Walk around building with friends

2. Wall Splits: 5 min hold + nose breathing

3. Pec Smash w/ ball: 5 min ea side