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CrossFit Blade, CrossFit Blade North – CrossFit

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10 Air Squats

10 Lat Scap Swings

6 Burpees

10 Ea side SA DB Press (light)

2 Rounds:

6 Warm Up DB Thruster

6 Warm UP Pull Up Variation

6 Burpeed


6 Rounds: Partner WOD


24 DB Thruster 50/35

24 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

24 Partner Burpees


24 DB Thruster 35/20

24 Pull Ups

24 Partner Burpees


12 DB Press 25/40

12 Ring Pull Up

12 MB Burpee 20/14

Scale: DB load, PU to Seated Ring Pull Up OR Ring Row, Partner Burpee to step over OR Regular Burpee.

*Partition all reps as you choose
Anthony begins his 6th and hopefully final round of Chemotherapy today. Join us as we show our support for him and his family as they continue to take this fight on.

Cool Down

1. 5 min bike

2. Wall Quad Stretch: 3 min per side

3. Pigeon Stretch: 3 min per side

4. 3 POS Shoulder Floss: 3 min per side