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Blade Method Fitness – CrossFit

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3 Rounds:

:45-:60 bike

6 Burpees

10 Sit Ups

King Of The First Men (Time)

Partner WOD:

10 Mile Bike

-Switch as you choose

-Every Partner Switch Requires:

RX+ 10 Burpees + 20 Sit Ups

RX 8 Burpees + 15 Sit Ups

M60+ 6 Burpees + 12 Sit Ups

*Partner A will begin on the bike, Partner B will do Burpee + Sit Up Requirement, once partner B finishes the Burpee + Sit Up requirement they are eligible to switch. When Partner A wants to switch off the bike, Partner B will begin biking while partner A performs Burpee + Sit Up Requirement.

Scale: Plank Burpee, Sit Up Number, Sit Up ROM

**Solo bikes 6/5 miles, performs burpee + sit up requirement every 3 minutes. Starts with burpee + sit up.

Cool Down

1. Wall Quad Stretch: 3 min ea side

2. Pec Smash: 5 min ea side

3. Hip Floss: 3 min ea side