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By December 19, 2020No Comments1 min read

Blade Method Fitness – CrossFit

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Christmas Quarantine 2 (4 Rounds for reps)

3 Rounds:

2 min ME SA Sumo Deadlift High Pull (switch AYC)

2 min ME Push Ups

2 min ME Weighted V-Ups

2 min ME Reverse Burpees

-2 min Rest BTWN Rounds

RX+ 50/35 DB 53/35 KB

RX 35/25/20 DB 35/26 KB

Scale: SDLHP to SL alternating RDL, Push Ups to Box, No weight V-ups OR Suit Cases, Reverse Burpee to Can Opener Sit Ups

*Score total reps for each movement

Cool Down

1. Walk around the block for 15 minutes in the sun with as little clothes as comfortable

2. Lying T-Stretch: 2 min ea side

3. Downward Dog: 3 min hold + nose breathing

4. Wall Splits: 5 min hold + nose breathing :05 inhale :03 hold :07 exhale (mouth or nose) :03 hold